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VIRGIN Poker is no more available online. All the fun of playing poker from your home, in your pajamas is available through online gambling portals. This site is dedicated to poker players who want to experience the excitement of playing poker from the privacy of their home. You can play poker at any time you like, from any location you want.

Virgin poker

Since we are celebrating the one year anniversary of starting this fabulous poker room, we thought it would be fitting to look back and share some memories about Virgin Poker with all of our loyal members, past and present. We hope that by sharing some of our fond memories, you will be inspired to join us again in the future and become a valued member of VIRGIN Poker. Every member will receive a special VIP treatment and be treated to special offers and promotions. In fact, the Bags of Strength promotion has been brought back for another round of giveaways.

At the end of the year, we launched a number of contests and competitions to thank our players for playing our games and winning our bonuses. We wanted to reward our valued members with something extra special so we invited all nine June players to receive a free copy of Virgin Poker at their house in the form of a download code. The competition was exciting and very rewarding as some of our lucky players won not only a copy of Virgin Poker but also a set of Virgin Poker Gold pack of cards and an A2 Virgin Flying Club Miles redeemable credit card. This was a major boost to our player base.

Our other big promotion was the release of our first tournament with a fixed price, structure and format. The format is the same as the ones that we have used in the past with single table and multi-table tournaments, with the addition of two more tables in the lower price bracket. However, we are introducing the welcome bonus system. Players signing up for our online poker club receive a welcome bonus when they sign up for any tournament. This welcome bonus is based on how many eliminations you finish in a tournament and how many times you win.

We are also planning some major changes to our freeroll promotions. Firstly, due to recent events in the online poker world, we will no longer be offering freeroll tournaments. Our main concern with freeroll tournaments is that the big payouts are dependent upon having big hands. So we are reducing the number of freeroll tournaments and making the pot smaller. We are replacing freeroll tournaments with the new format, which we are calling the “mini freeroll”.

We are also reducing the number of free rolls in the bonus structure for VIP poker players. Players who play in the big buy in tournaments will see their bonus money disappearing very quickly if they simply keep buying rolls without downloading them. On the other hand, free rolls are a very lucrative way to earn a profit from poker because there is such a large pool of possible hands. You can choose your hands freely and make money. Our hope is that once players stop playing for free rolls, they will want to download the latest free poker chip tips and strategies guides.

Finally, we are introducing a new feature that will completely replace all the current systems which are based on a win or lose system. Players will be able to register for as many tournaments as they like for as long as they like without feeling guilty about winning or losing. Imagine walking into a game of poker with an unlimited bankroll and feeling nothing but victory! That is what you will feel like after registering for a free virtual poker game.

In summary, we have reduced the number of free rolls in our bonus structure. We have improved the payout rate and reliability of the service by making all transactions protected and reliable. We have eliminated the risk of having your money stolen by shady online casinos. Most importantly, we have removed the threat of having your bank account drained when you are not paying attention to the situation. All in all, we believe that Virgin Poker should be viewed as the premier online casinos for players, including VIP players, who demand the absolute best.