Types of Slot Machines

Slot machine games can be classified according to the various categories of slots that are available for playing on internet slots or land-based casinos. The types of categories of slot machines include progressive, machine spinners, bonus, combination, mechanical, reel, video slots and novelty category of slots. As the names suggest, the progressive slots are based on random number generators. Machine spinners or video slots, on the other hand, change results by getting attached to reels. In addition, slots in the category of bonus includes instant win games with multiple pays, where payouts are based on a combination of certain numbers. On the other hand, virtual reality slots and mobile slots are examples of categories of slots suitable for play in which the participant plays only with graphics that are made visible to the player.

Some casinos and gaming companies categorize their machines in categories as per the game that is played on them. Slots Machines are categorized according to their game type according to the number of machines per category. For example, slot machines associated with poker games have two to five machines per game section. On the other hand, slot machines used in casino gaming are categorized according to game type as explained below:

The video slots are interactive and offer the best visual effects and noises. They are perfect for the people who love to watch movies or video games. The audio category of machines include the ones that offer pleasant sounds such as, music, voice over, and so forth. These machines can increase the enjoyment level of the game. There are machines especially designed to play musical selections in order to improve the pleasure level of the players.

Video slots are meant for real playing by the players. This means that one can feel the actual action while playing. The jackpot in a video slot machine usually increases faster than in other machines. However, the chance of winning is lower. Video slots are popular mostly in bars and casino floors.

Video slot machines are generally arranged in clusters. Each cluster contains machines of different types. In this way, more the number of machines in a cluster, higher the chances of winning. Some machines are linked to each other in a network. This improves the chances of winning.

Slot machine operators divide a slot machine into smaller sections. Each of the sections is provided with a maximum bet amount. Generally, the video slot operators assign machines in a category based on the type of machine. For example, in a craps casino, the machines in the dealer section are used to play video poker games and the ones in the live casinos are used to play bingo games.

In live casinos, there are two categories of slots. They are the progressive and the non-progressive. The progressive slots have increased jackpots. They are mainly used for playing slots that pay high amounts. On the other hand, the non-progressive category offer smaller jackpots.

There are also some machines that fall between the categories. They do not accept large bets. These machines can be bought from dealers or online. Some of them are known as progressive slots.

One of the most famous categories of slots is the video slots. Video slots are generally played on home computers. The advantage of playing these video slots is that they offer higher payouts. The drawback is that they are less likely to pay off in cash. To make up for this, a small percent of the player’s bet will be converted into cash and placed in the account.

Slots are categorized according to the method of payment. Direct pay machines are used when a player wins his/her hand. A machine that pays a high amount in coins will be classified as a direct machine. When the player wins a straight up, the jackpot will be doubled. A bonus machine that comes with a requirement to win a specific number of balls will also be classified according to its method of payment.

Online slots also fall under categories of slot machines. When a player plays slot online, he/she does not stand a chance of directly interacting with a slot machine. In order to play, the player uses a web browser and the site that the player connects to use an encryption program to transmit data between the two computers. Slot machine games are played in the same way as traditional slot machines but are conducted via the Internet.