Top Bingo Sites

So which are the top Bingo sites in the UK? It is a difficult question to answer given the large number of UK Bingo websites currently available. With so many options available, it is important to look at the key features and benefits that you would come to expect from a top site. Below we provide a review of the top three sites for UK Bingo.

As the name suggests, The Sun Bingo is probably one of the most recognized Bingo sites in the UK. They have been in operation since the early nineties. Their popularity has soared in recent times due to their continued promotions of games on various channels, including television, newspapers and radios. All of this has had a major positive impact on their Bingo revenue, as well as on their reputation. With such a storied history and so many loyal customers, it is no surprise that they rank at the very top of our Bingo review.

This may seem somewhat surprising given their status as one of the top Bingo sites, but it is worth remembering that The Sun Bingo is among the oldest and most popular. The promotions they offer to attract huge numbers of visitors. In fact, their current promotional offers, including the 100000 roulette bonus, top prizes in various games and free entries into special contests and events, continue to attract new customers. The fact that they offer all forms of gambling and are therefore subject to UK Gambling Law legislation, also makes them a top choice.

Majestic Bingo is located in the north of England. It is one of the larger operators and operates in a number of different areas throughout the UK. Its top features include games with free slots, video poker, blackjack and other games that are played with chips. As with The Sun Bingo, the promotions they run have a profound effect on their Bingo revenue and players frequently turn to these offers when looking for top prizes and free entries. Their rates are also comparatively low compared to the other sites.

Easy availability of its games and a range of attractive offers attracts a large number of players. However, despite this, competition has been fierce with many players winning nothing more than the minimum stakes. Its games are popular and Easytone is known as one of the hardest games around. Easytone offers players a chance to win cash prizes in excess of six thousand pounds.

The site has experienced a rapid growth and recently announced that its cash prize offers would increase in line with rises in the value of the pound. This is an exceptional offer and has been welcomed by a large number of players. Their rates are slightly lower than the other top sites. There is no question that these factors have combined to give this site the best return for its users. The company has further strengthened its hand as being one of the UK’s leading online casinos.

With the most recent announcement by the site, there has been a renewed sense of commitment from the site’s operator, John Grace. He has indicated that the online bingo sector in the UK will continue to grow. This means that players will be able to find better deals and attract new customers to the site. This has been welcomed by the online bingo industry who have seen a decline in offers from online casinos in the past few years.

This latest development has led to a consolidation of a number of the top bingo sites. This is likely to result in even lower rates from the new deals being offered. In addition, the consolidation could mean that players will be able to enjoy additional benefits such as reduced transaction costs. The overall benefits to playing bingo online at the top sites has yet to be determined but it is clear that the situation is positive for the bingo industry in the United Kingdom.