Protecting Your Kids From Online Predators

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The iPhone game for kids secretly turns into casino after some time of playing it. This is a serious issue because the iPhone, like all gadgets, can be used for the wrong purposes. There are those who use the iPhone for gaming and then there are those who use it to make online transactions and other things that can get them into trouble. So, what can you do to prevent your kids from getting into trouble with the iPhone?

Be sure that you let them know that the iPhone cannot be used for gambling purposes. This includes using the online casinos offered by certain companies. Make sure to also let them know that it is not acceptable to download games to the iPhone. Be sure that they understand that this means that they cannot play the latest releases without your supervision.

It might be tempting to let your kids play a new and upcoming game, but you should resist the temptation and purchase a version that is for adults. You should also make sure that they are only allowed to play games that are rated for an adult audience. These games include violent ones that might be too much for a younger child’s taste. Make sure that they are introduced to safe games before beginning to try out the “grown up” versions.

You should monitor the online activity of your kids even more closely after they have begun to play an iPhone game online. This will help you find out if they are actually playing the games they have been assigned. If they are, then make sure that their activities on their cell phone are monitored more closely. You will want to know exactly where they are and when they are online.

Monitor everything that your kids do online. Their contact list should be limited to people they know. They should also not share their details anywhere on the internet. Monitoring their activity will help you keep an eye on any strange numbers that are appearing on their telephone. If anything appears out of the ordinary, then you will want to take action sooner rather than later.

Another good tip to use is to make sure that they are not allowing anyone to contact them while they are using the Internet. You can do this by using the text messaging feature within the iPhone. The only downfall to this option is that they cannot make any calls while online so they cannot be in touch with their friends, but sending text messages will allow you to get their attention in case something important arrives.

Do not allow your kids to leave any personal information on any of their online profiles. This means that they must not put their address or phone number anywhere on the web. This could be dangerous for two reasons. First, if they were to use their address or phone number to try to solicit business from people, then you would probably be surprised if they got caught. Second, if they did try to solicit business from people and were caught, then it could mean trouble for the company that they were soliciting as well as for the person they had solicited the business from. The best way to make sure that your kids are safe on the Internet is to monitor their activity.

You should also make sure that your kids know that they are safe when they are online. For instance, when you are talking on the phone, then make sure that it is a hands free conversation. Your kids should also be sure that their computer usage is limited when they are online. When you are surfing the web for games or information, then you should watch for the warning signs that your kid may be about to fall victim to a predator online.