PokerStars Summer Boost

Poker Stars is one of the most popular online poker rooms on the internet. In fact, it’s probably the most well known – and therefore most popular. That popularity means a lot of different things. Below are the top 5 reasons why PokerStars is a great place to play:


The most obvious is the poker welcome bonus – normally a 100% deposit match. All you need to do is sign up and open an account at a poker website. Once done, you’ll be automatically eligible for a free” Deposit” money credit towards future tournaments. An example of a tournament is the world poker tour, or the WPT. Another great thing about pokerStars is that all winning players (those that win money) get a free trip to the WPT tournament in Las Vegas. A pretty standard example of this is the worldwide poker tour.

However, there are other ways to enjoy the benefits of pokerStars as a poker room. One way is to sign up and become a sponsored player. The best poker bonus on the site is a sponsored player package. This means that if you make a certain amount of money each month, PokerStars will bank that amount of money as a sponsorship. For example, if you play fifty dollars a week, you can sponsor yourself for three months for a total of twelve months.

Another way to enjoy the PokerStars benefits is to get a signup bonus and use it to sign up and receive a free trip to the World Series of Poker. PokerStars is a real sport, with a real championship. The site offers both a World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour, so you have a chance to win these big tournaments. There are also lots of other tournaments on the site that offers a huge prize. If you would like to win a tournament, all you need to do is to complete your application form and take the time to respond to all questions. PokerStars will keep track of your progress throughout the tournament and if you qualify, you will receive a trip to Las Vegas as a reward.

You can also signup for the PokerStars Summer welcome bonus, which is a six-month trial package. All those who sign up for the program will get a free money bonus as a reward. There is no minimum deposit required for this bonus, so you can use it on your first deposit poker bonuses. If you are new to the site, this is a good place to start because you will have a lot less to lose. Also, this gives you the opportunity to practice all the skills you need to master the game before competing in the big leagues.

You should also check out the PokerStars bonus shop. Here you will be able to pick up some wonderful items. You can get a bracelet, a t-shirt or even some sunglasses. The online poker bonuses are very enticing and you will have a lot of fun shopping for them.

As part of the pokerStars Summer Boost promotion, you will also receive three months of online poker bonuses and one year of free poker membership. So if you are interested in getting involved with online poker, this is a great place to start. All you need to get started is a free poker bonus code. With a PokerStars Summer Boost promotion, you will get a chance to play for free and be eligible for a free tournament deposit upon signup. The promotion is open to everyone, regardless of age, location or nationality.

There is one more important thing you should know about PokerStars – they also have a special welcome offer. Their website does not mention it anywhere, but you could probably find it by reading their FAQ’s online. Their welcome offer is really quite amazing and it will give you a nice amount of incentive to become a customer. For example, if you make a deposit on your account, you will automatically receive one hundred dollars towards your monthly budget. So, if you join PokerStars today, you could be receiving a welcome offer that could last all summer long!