Play OJo Bingo at Home

Play OJo has just launched its new Bingo site and it’s nothing less than an amazing move taken towards bringing the bingo lovers out in a frenzy. One of the best and biggest online bingo websites in the UK, Ojo bingo has been live for quite some time now and always brings in a huge collection of exciting games and staggering bonuses for the players signing up. This latest addition to the bingo hall scene is sure to fascinate many players. There are many free games on offer as well as some good bonuses too.

The OJo site has ninety different bingo games for you to play and all of them are designed by world-class experts in their own field of expertise. The main aim of the owners and developers of OJo bingo games is to keep the games as simple as possible and to keep the games exciting and fresh. They do this by incorporating new ideas on a regular basis and continuously upgrading the system and its software on an ongoing basis.

The main focus of any online bingo site would be to pull in as many players as they can and to do that, they have employed a number of strategies to attract more people to their website. For example, OJo Bingo offers a no deposit bingo bonus of almost fifteen hundred pounds. With this kind of money, you can literally play for hours without having to cash out any of your money. The key to this no deposit bingo bonus is that you have to activate your account before you can win anything. This means that you need to have at least a ninety ball starting hand. If you play with a min deposit, then you won’t need to play with your hard-earned money.

OJo Bingo offers three different games of chance which include regular bingo, jackpot games and progressive slot games. You can also choose from one of the many different bonus games available. As part of a no deposit bingo bonus, you can win up to two hundred and fifty pounds in prizes. Some of these prizes are awarded on spins while others are awarded based on your deposits. These jackpots can increase rapidly and you may never need to cash out any of your earnings.

One thing that you need to understand about OJo Bingo is that it uses different deposit methods including PayPal and credit cards. There is also a method called direct transfer where you fund the bingo through a bank transfer or a cheque. You can withdraw your winnings however using any of the methods available.

Most of us have heard of the ninety-ball bingo but very few of us know what it is all about. The ninety ball bingo was actually the first online bingo site. It has since then branched out into a number of new bingo rooms all over the world including New Zealand. This is why it makes sense to play OJo bingo on any of these other sites as well. If you are looking for a good deal then Osteen is one of the best places to play with and if you play on the more popular rooms then you stand a good chance of winning some decent bonuses and prizes.

Another reason that you should play OJo Bingo at any of the Osteen sites is the promotions they offer. The promotions offered at any of the Osteen sites are exciting and diverse with each offering new codes for every game played. For example, if you play bingo at the Starburst location you get one free star burst code for every ten spins. The Starburst site is also worth considering if you like the theme of bingo and you like the graphics.

At the time of writing, the total prize money available on OJo Bingo is around $1.5 million. The real jackpot is likely to be much higher due to the large number of people playing and the nature of some of the games. Most of the winning entries in the jackpot competitions are made from a combination of numbers and letters which are drawn at random. There are a number of other exciting bingo games on the OJo Bingo sites including: Blue Dragonfish, Crazy Lotto, Double Dutch, Drayko, Dragonoid, Hurricane, Pile Ups, Pin the Poneson, Roadrunner, Squinkies, Super Lucky Number and the Wild West.