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PokerStars has become the premier poker room on the web. Players love PokerStars because they have everything they could ever want from a poker room. PokerStars is the only place to play poker on PA, but do not let the lack of options deter you, the software is great, the bonuses are substantial and most importantly, all the games at PokerStars are juicy and plentiful. Players can play poker from PokerStars PA via a web browser on a computer, MAC or via an app for iphone. The website is free, easy to use, secure and the rooms are jam packed with fresh poker games daily.


With PokerStars you pay just one flat monthly fee, there are no ongoing fees, no signup bonuses, no set up fees or ongoing monthly fees. Signup only takes 2 minutes and you will instantly be ready to start playing in the best online poker room in the United States, poker room in America. All you need is a computer with internet access. There is no registration process, no set up fees, no maintenance costs and you can play for free until you decide to switch out of the poker room. This is the big attraction for many players who love to win cash and want to win as much as possible in every hand they play.

If you are a new player and would like to try out the different tables at PokerStars, there are always specials and promotions where you can get your first deposit poker bonuses. There are also no signup bonuses for new players, so be sure to check out the special offers before making your first deposit. Some of the special offers include a free money bonus, free tournament entries, a free tournament buy in or a stackable cash game deposit bonus.

PokerStars offers a very large choice of tables and rooms for you to choose from. The best poker bonus money available on the site includes the Big One, which pays out a maximum of three hundred and fifty dollars per hour for players that play five hour tournaments. Another special promotion offered is the “Big One” deposit bonus. For this deposit you receive an automatic fifteen hundred dollars when you make your first deposit on the site. Other promotions include the “American Express Platinum” card, which gives players free VIP access and the “Gold Pack”, a gift card for the full amount of the bonus as well as a twenty-four hour telephone support number that you can call with any question.

In addition to the cash and prizes on the site, PokerStars offers many different types of online poker bonuses including free tournament entries, signup bonuses, and the “30 free play” promotion. There are also a variety of tournaments that allow players to earn bonus points for their wins while playing in the tournament. Each tournament has its own set of rules, so players should always read up on them before they begin. This is one reason why it’s important to read up on the rules of the poker room before starting a tournament. With the “30 free play” promotion, for example, players may only play in one tournament per month.

Another way that PokerStars benefits its players is with its customer service. The biggest problem most people have when signing up for online poker rooms is figuring out how to activate their rewards. Typically all you have to do is follow the link that shows your profile information. Once you’re signed up, you’ll need to select which bonuses you want. Usually it’s just a matter of registering and checking the box next to the” Rewards” section. All the best online poker bonus money is in the “Rewards” section.

The best part about the Poker Stars bonus structure is that the poker welcome bonus starts off big and never diminishes. Players who register with PokerStars will get the biggest cash bonus of any poker room with the maximum welcome bonus of $2500. If you want even more cash you can also register for the Frequent Player points program. This program awards points every time you participate in cash games, free rolls, and tournament play. So, if you participate a lot in poker games and really enjoy playing then you should definitely become a frequent player points member.

PokerStars has many promotions going on at any given time. Many players love being part of these promotions because they get a chance to win real cash prizes. But, it’s not always easy to win real cash prizes from online poker sites. Therefore, you have to make sure you register with a site that has the best bonuses and highest sign up bonus values.