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Welcome to our NetBet poker review! In this article I am going to tell you a bit about NetBet poker and whether it is worth playing live or gambling online. In my opinion it is worth playing both but there are many more reasons to play live!

NetBet poker

GOOD: netbet poker is a top online poker room established in 2001, it’s has over 20 years of poker experience in the online poker business, providing the best online games, bonuses and promotions. This room is beyond just entertainment, if you play regularly you can become quite a good shark at almost all levels and still be able to be good at poker, this room even offers a VIP program that provides loyal players with special benefits. For example, every time you sign up to play at this poker room you get a welcome bonus code. Each welcome bonus code contains a deposit bonus. In some cases these bonuses are cumulative, which means you get a bigger deposit bonus the more you play!

OK BUT: the nice thing about this poker room is that they give new players a good amount of free initial play. In order to receive the free poker bonus you need to first sign up and request a withdrawal from your account. This is a security measure taken by NetBet to ensure that your deposits are safe. Also you will normally receive a daily withdrawal note that you can use to collect your winnings.

OK BUT: I’ve heard that NetBet poker rooms don’t have a good reputation when it comes to paying players. This is mainly because of the fact that the bonus is only given out for real cash games and not casino style games like slots or video poker. While the free tournament bets do make tournaments a little less fun, there are many players online who are winning real money and getting paid in cash. Furthermore, while NetBet poker rooms don’t pay players based on hands won, they do pay a flat fee for each game played. So if you want to win real money there is no reason not to play here.

OK BUT: Some people seem to be misled by the offers and promotions that are advertised here. For example, while the welcome bonus is good for newcomers they don’t actually offer any incentive for taking part in tournaments. Also, the daily winning amounts are not particularly high, although there are a few high rollers on here who certainly play with purpose. So is it worth playing at netbet poker rooms? If you are just starting out and looking for a place to practice your game without investing a ton of money then yes. The one downside is that the bonus structure is not great, meaning that new players will have to work harder to make a consistent profit from playing.

OK SO: What about the weekly and monthly deposits? Aren’t these supposed to encourage people to stick around longer and take part in more online poker tournament play? Well, maybe yes and no. First, most online poker rooms don’t really offer any kind of deposit match program, but the ones that do usually give very nice bonuses to new players and there are even some that match every deposit made to the room. These offers are usually good for a couple months of playing at no charge, so if you are a serious poker player these should be some of your best options to start off your sportsbook journey with the outstanding welcome bonus package for new players up to a maximum of $500!

OK… so, what about the weekly and monthly deposits? Are they supposed to be motivating for me to stay here and put more money into my account? Not necessarily. First of all, most online poker rooms offer weekly and monthly deposit incentives as a way to get you to sign up and keep using the site. The logic is, if you are making deposits, you must be enjoying playing here, so it only makes sense that you will want to keep playing here, right? However, the online poker room odds makers still figure these figures into their games, and so if you are making deposits weekly, your bankroll may increase slightly, but most likely won’t be enough to quit altogether.

That’s the good news: We have some excellent NetBet poker players in our team, and they are willing to bet for you even when you have a low bankroll. This makes NetBet poker a great choice for players who like to take part in a cash game and tournament action on a weekly basis. So, we strongly recommend that you check out the game, sign up for a free account, and start playing for cash today. You won’t be disappointed!