Can I Be Sure That I Am Not Being Cheated On?

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Can independent, small, state-owned Casinos be trusted? Many say “No,” based on their own experience. As a matter of fact, I would even go as far as to say “No” to some casinos. There are too many shady operators out there with an agenda to take your money and run.

That’s why I personally choose to play at full-service gambling establishments where my only interaction with the casino is through the Poker Chips I am receiving for free. At a full-service establishment, I am treated with respect both by the staff and by the machines. The games run smoothly, and I am never pressured or taken advantage of.

What if there was no such thing as free money at these places? Can I still play the games I love? Can I trust the machines? And most importantly, can I be sure that the games I am playing are being played fairly and evenly among all of the players in the casino? Believe me when I say that the answer to those questions and others like them is “yes.”

Can I be sure that I am not being randomly selected to play a high-quality game against other random participants? Can I be sure that I’m not paying a fee or getting a “promo code” to upgrade an already great game? Can I be sure that I am not being misled into purchasing more games than I paid for? Can I be sure that the casino will pay my winnings promptly? Those are all topics I cover in detail in my book, The Truth About Casino Gambling, and you can find out more about it at my website link below.

Can I be sure that I am not paying less-than-market value for a slot machine I purchase from an independent dealer? Did the independent dealer supply me with a receipt for his work? Did he give me a guarantee? And if he didn’t, then where did the equipment come from? And if he didn’t provide the receipt, how did he describe the equipment? Those are all questions that should have been answered by the dealer during the course of the transaction.

Can I be sure that I am not spending more money than I have? Is a casino offering promotional “rewards” to its members to get them to keep coming back? If so, then those are not independent games being offered; they are timed games designed to milk the visitor for all their hard-earned money! (As an aside, please note that the term “reward” does NOT appear in the definition of an independent dealer.) Please, also note that those same promotional opportunities do not appear in the definition of an accredited casino.)

Can I be sure that I am not being scammed? Yes! That is exactly what the definition of a dealer is! A dealer is someone who sells you a slot machine (even though it is an “accredited” dealer) and promises you that you will get a high-quality game no matter what. The casino hires him or her because the dealer is trusted to deliver good service and a good slot-machine.

Can I be sure that I am not getting bad advice? Can I be sure that I am not being told about something that will affect my chances at winning? Yes! Again, a casino is not an institution that you go to get an education or to make some money; it is a place that you go to have fun! You can be sure that you are not going to get bad advice from anyone involved in the casino, including the dealer who may be trying to sell you something that does not exist!